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Ten years of experience: AutoMQ Copilot for RocketMQ first release

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AutoMQ co-founder & CEO, Apache RocketMQ® author & PMC Chairman Wang Xiaorui summarized the achievements of RocketMQ in the past ten years at the " Apache Kafka® × RocketMQ Cloud Native Innovation Forum" on November 4, and also analyzed the challenges faced by users in using RocketMQ . Especially stability, difficulty in diagnosing problems, difficulty in secondary development, etc., and summarized the nature of the challenges of these problems. He released "AutoMQ Copilot for RocketMQ" for the first time and conducted a live demonstration, summarizing the product features (minimalist deployment mode, zero intrusion into production systems, zero-threshold free trial, and ten years of expert experience).

For details, you can click on the PPT link and live broadcast screen recording to view ~

PPT link: 08-Ten years of experience: AutoMQ Copilot for RocketMQ first released-Wang Xiaorui.pdf▸

RocketMQ Copilot demo address:

Live screen recording: