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Cloud Native Innovation Opportunity: How to Reduce Cost and Increase Efficiency ® Apache Kafka by 10 Times

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Zhang Wensong, co-founder & chief strategy officer of AutoMQ and founder of Linux LVS, shared his views on cloud computing development trends, cloud infrastructure services, cloud native, open source, etc. at the "Apache Kafka® × RocketMQ Cloud Native Innovation Forum" on November 4th:

  • Cloud infrastructure has evolved in response to actual needs, and has evolved various types of cost-effective computing and storage services for various types of needs;
  • Most IT systems will be on the cloud within ten years; it is most economical to reuse cloud infrastructure and develop cloud-native software;
  • The market size of cloud native services will exceed that of IaaS and will exceed one trillion US dollars in the next ten years;
  • Through open source, you can make software iterate faster, build an open source ecosystem, acquire customers through open source, and expand the international market.

At the same time, AutoMQ was also released as the first truly cloud-native MQ engine. According to reports, AutoMQ is fully compatible with Apache Kafka® and has a tenfold cost advantage. The partition migration problem that has troubled community users for many years has changed from hours to seconds. was completely resolved. And announced that AutoMQ is open source under the Apache v2.0 protocol!

For details, you can click on the PPT link and live broadcast screen recording to view ~

PPT link: 01-Cloud native innovation opportunities: How to reduce costs and increase efficiency tenfold with Apache Kafka® -Zhang Wensong.pdf▸

Live screen recording: