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Cloud Native architecture: Apache RocketMQ ® 5.0 new implementation

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AutoMQ co-founder & CTO, Apache RocketMQ® co-founder & PMC Member Zhou Xinyu introduced some consensus on cloud native architecture at the "Apache Kafka® × RocketMQ Cloud Native Innovation Forum" on 11.04, and discussed the computing, storage, and network on the cloud. A detailed analysis was conducted and the following conclusions were drawn:

  • Make the most of Izumo’s elastic capabilities
  • Put as much data as possible on S3
  • Use Spot Instances whenever possible
  • Leverage the durability and disaster recovery capabilities of EBS wherever possible

He explained the overall cloud-native architecture of AutoMQ Kafka and AutoMQ RocketMQ , and compared the technical advantages. Finally, he looked forward to future planning. It is expected that the community will release the GA version of AutoMQ Kafka at the end of November.

For details, you can click on the PPT link and live broadcast screen recording to view ~

PPT link: 05-Cloud native reshaping architecture: RocketMQ 5.0 new implementation-Zhou Xinyu.pdf▸

Live screen recording: