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Introduction to AutoMQ Cloud


AutoMQ Cloud is AutoMQ CO. , LTD's message and event streaming platform is re-architected and designed based on the new generation of cloud native infrastructure, providing a new generation of Serverless RocketMQ and Kafka services. AutoMQ Cloud can help customers easily reduce traditional infrastructure costs based on Apache Kafka® and Apache RocketMQ® by up to 90%.

Compared with Apache Kafka® and Apache RocketMQ®, AutoMQ Cloud supports 100% compatibility in terms of open source community functions and features, and has core features such as supporting automatic operation and maintenance diagnosis, capacity adaptive elastic scaling, etc.

What Is AutoMQ Cloud

AutoMQ Cloud is based on public cloud infrastructure and provides distribution services such as Kafka and RocketMQ with new storage and computing architecture designs for enterprises and developers. The new AutoMQ for Kafka and AutoMQ for RocketMQ services are built on the cloud and use Object storage as core storage, releasing great cost advantages.

Core Advantages

AutoMQ Cloud has the following advantages compared to Kafka and RocketMQ services based on open source architecture:

Cloud Storage Is Preferred

Storing data based on cloud infrastructure such as Block storage and Object storage provided by public Cloud providers brings great cost and reliability advantages.

Spot Compute Instances Are Preferred

From the first day of AutoMQ design, the characteristics of Spot computing instances of public Cloud providers were fully considered. Almost all storage and computing nodes can use Spot computing instances, which can bring unparalleled cost advantages.

Storage and Computing Separation Design

It adopts a storage and computing separation architecture, which makes it very easy to add or remove storage and computing nodes, and is completely transparent to applications. Thanks to the unified storage pool, tenant isolation based on computing clusters is more complete, which can avoid multi-tenant resource preemption problems in software.

Data Sovereignty (BYOC)

AutoMQ is designed for BYOC architecture from the first day. The control plane and data plane can be deployed under your own cloud account. AutoMQ can fully automatically handle operation and maintenance operations such as expansion and contraction. Any data is completely controlled under your own account.

Data Is Safe and Reliable

Strictly ensure that each message is written to the storage (EBS/NVME SSD) before returning successfully. In addition, there is a multi-copy mechanism to ensure that the data reliability reaches more than 99.99999999%.

100% Compatible with Kafka/ RocketMQ/RabbitMQ®

We have forked the latest version of Apache Kafka® code and only modified a small amount of storage-related code. Not only can it remain 100% compatible with the current version of Apache Kafka® , but any future functional enhancements to Apache Kafka® can be quickly compatible with the community.