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This article provides a quick start guide for newcomers, covering everything from account creation to your first encounter with the AutoMQ Cloud product. It includes key steps, conditions for use, and succinct descriptions.

In this article, any references to the AutoMQ product service provider, the AutoMQ service provider, or AutoMQ itself are specifically referring to "AutoMQ CO."


New users should be aware of the following requirements to effectively use AutoMQ Cloud:

  • Infrastructure: The application is currently hosted in a public cloud provider's VPC environment, with active services such as object storage, virtual hosting, and block storage.

  • Account Requirements: You must possess an account with a public cloud provider and have operational permissions for the aforementioned cloud services.

Experience Process

New users are encouraged to follow these steps to swiftly engage with AutoMQ Cloud:

  • Creating an Environment: An environment is a crucial resource in AutoMQ Cloud, designed to manage multiple Kafka instances (clusters) within it. To begin exploring the product, you must first create an environment. For a comprehensive definition and introduction to environments, please refer to Overview▸.

  • Creating an Instance: Once the environment is set up, users can access the environment control panel, create their first instance (cluster), and delve into the associated product features.