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About AutoMQ for RocketMQ

AutoMQ for Apache RocketMQ® has been redesigned to take advantage of cloud infrastructure, allowing users to take advantage of elastic computing resources and virtually unlimited, cost-effective storage in the cloud. It also ensures 100% functional compatibility with Apache RocketMQ® .

Compared with Apache RocketMQ® , AutoMQ for Apache RocketMQ® has the following advantages:

Enhanced scalability: Separate storage from services instead of tying it to software to enable seamless scaling for changing workloads. Get the most out of your Spot Instances and take advantage of one of the most important benefits of cloud computing: elasticity.

Cost-Effectiveness: Using Object storage as primary storage makes storage more elastic and provides virtually unlimited capacity. In addition, shared storage architecture is more suitable for migration and can save up to 80% of costs.

Simplified management: AutoMQ for Apache RocketMQ® uses reliable metadata services and cluster controllers to automatically balance traffic between brokers and automatically isolate abnormal nodes. This greatly simplifies the management of the cluster.