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Product Description

Product Definition

Apache RocketMQ® is a very popular distributed messaging middleware system in the industry and is widely used in online transactions and business decoupling scenarios. Most enterprise users will encounter the following problems when building and operating RocketMQ clusters by themselves:

  • What is the most professional experience for parameter tuning, performance diagnosis and troubleshooting of online clusters?
  • How to systematically manage the potential risks of online clusters to detect and resolve risks in advance?
  • How to scientifically and effectively measure the stability index level of each online cluster service?
  • It is difficult to judge the boundaries of risk and failure responsibilities. When cross-teams are involved, how to quickly determine whether the problem is due to business reasons or messaging service reasons?

The AutoMQ product service provider, AutoMQ service provider, and AutoMQ CO.,LTD mentioned in this article all specifically refer to AutoMQ CO.,LTD


The term RocketMQ Copilot mentioned in this article is the abbreviation of AutoMQ Copilot for RocketMQ , which refers specifically to the message queue intelligent auxiliary operation and maintenance system designed and implemented by AutoMQ CO.,LTD for Apache RocketMQ® .

RocketMQ Copilot is a message queue intelligent auxiliary operation and maintenance system independently designed and developed by AutoMQ CO., LTD. It supports enterprise users' self-built Apache RocketMQ® clusters to achieve non-intrusive system inspection, cluster management and expert diagnosis capabilities.

The core concept of RocketMQ Copilot is to organize and reveal the product team's more than ten years of RocketMQ cluster operation and maintenance experience into products. While assisting the majority of enterprise developers to operate and manage self-built clusters, they can also easily master the best practices of RocketMQ cluster operation and maintenance. practice.

Core Competencies

RocketMQ Copilot is essentially a professional operation and maintenance system tool that assists users in systematic operation and maintenance management of existing self-built clusters. Its overall architecture is shown in the figure below:

RocketMQ Copilot mainly provides three major functional modules:

  • System Inspection: RocketMQ Copilot regularly detects potential risks in the system through preset inspection rules and generates risk reports to help users perceive and handle online cluster risks in advance. For details, please refer to Overview▸.
  • Cluster Governance: RocketMQ Copilot is based on the RocketMQ stability service capability measurement system based on professional experience, helping users measure the stability service capabilities of online clusters with professional SLI and SLO systems. For details, refer to Overview▸.
  • Expert diagnosis: The one-click online problem diagnosis tool provided by RocketMQ Copilot has a variety of built-in expert diagnosis templates. After users enter simple problem information, they can quickly obtain a problem diagnosis report and give suspected problem points. For details, refer to Overview▸.

Product Advantages

Expert Experience Output

RocketMQ Copilot is based on the product team's more than ten years of experience in RocketMQ cluster operation and maintenance. Using the RocketMQ Copilot process, you can quickly master various experience skills and best practices in RocketMQ cluster operation and maintenance.

Lightweight Output

RocketMQ Copilot adopts a single application architecture, does not have any software dependencies, and does not rely on the Internet to run. Whether it is an offline IDC environment or a Cloud providers virtual host environment, one-click deployment and operation can be achieved.

No Intrusion into the Cluster

RocketMQ Copilot positions itself as an auxiliary operation and maintenance tool, adopting the non-intrusive, offline, and localized system design concept. Using RocketMQ Copilot does not cause any intrusion into the user's existing RocketMQ cluster.

Zero Threshold Free Trial

RocketMQ Copilot provides all developers with a zero-threshold free trial subscription. New users can experience and use it without any charge. If they need to extend the trial, they can also apply for free.

Rooted Community Continues to Update

RocketMQ Copilot continues to be closely integrated with the community, absorbing needs and contributions from the developer community, and maintaining rapid updates and iterations.